The R&H Pathologies

DateMar 12, 2021

Today, I finally published the R&H Pathology LinkedIn blog series’s last installment with support from his colleagues and friends in the GIS-T community. I am immensely grateful to receiving comments from Nathan Easley, who leads Esri’s Roads and Highways development team!

The main takeaway is that the complexity of spatiotemporal LRS events can lead to unexpected data issues. An agile and robust maintenance mechanism built on Esri components and beyond should be in place to protect your data asset.  

Here is the LinkedIn article series list about the discovery, treatments, and prevention of the six pathological conditions. I hope this helps your LRS management, and I love to hear from you!

R&H Pathology 1 – From Measure Larger Than To Measure

R&H Pathology 2 – Authoritative Source: Event LRS vs Event Shape

R&H Pathology 3 – Multi-part Event Shape

R&H Pathology 4 – Domain Violations

R&H Pathology 5 – Phantom Events

R&H Pathology 6 – Overlapping Events

Bo Guo, PhD, PE

At Gistic Research, Bo leads a team in LinearBench product design and development. He is a passionate LRS researcher and practitioner who believes that LRS challenges can be solved through technology design and integration.

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