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Mar 12, 2021
The R&H Pathologies
Today, I finally published the R&H Pathology LinkedIn blog series’s last installment with support from his colleagues and friends in the GIS-T community. I am immensely grateful to receiving comments...
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GIS Alchemy: Generating LRS Event Boundary Polygons
In most DOTs, various types of boundaries are expressed and managed as LRS events.  The following table shows how ADOT records maintenance district boundaries. District Name Organization Name Route From...
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May 26, 2020
Humanizing LRS – Coin Stories Told
In the 2020 TRB Annual Conference, Patrick Whiteford of ADOT and Shawn Blaesing of IaDOT led the discussion on the proverbial LRS question – “Measure or XY” – by presenting...
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Apr 28, 2020
ADOT Presents at FME World Tour 2020
James Meyer of Arizona DOT and Bo Guo of Gistic co-presented Supporting DOT Data Culture with FME at the virtual FME World Tour earlier this month.  The talk focused on...
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Reinventing the Straight Line Diagram
Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs), also known as Route Logs or Strip Maps, are an effective way to visualize different features and characteristics that co-exist along the same stretch of roadway....
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Supporting Local Roads LRS with Route Reference Table
The ARNOLD requirements pose many challenges, one of which is how to identify or reference local roads where mileposts do not exist, or for which driven mileage is not recorded....
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