Resource Videos

Data Visualization

LinearBench® HPMS

LinearBench HPMS is a SaaS product created by Gistic Research to upload, inspect and analyze multiple years of HPMS data produced by state Transportation Departments.

Data Visualization

LinearBench® Explore 2019

This video provides a short introduction to the all-new LinearBench® Explore 2019 for visualizing and analyzing LRS assets and events.

Data Visualization

ADOT HPMS Dashboard

This short video demonstrates the user interface and technical workflow of one of the HPMS dashboards.

Geospatial Integration Platform

AZGIV: An NG911 Readiness Platform

The Arizona Geospatial Intake and Validation system (AZGIV) provides a user friendly platform for local NextGen 911 authorities to meet the NENA and Arizona data quality and integration requirements.

Geospatial Integration Platform

AZGIV Quality Assurance

This video showcases AZGIV’s systematic continuous improvement process of NG911 data on a cloud platform.

Geospatial Integration Platform

AZ-EMAP: Address Collaboration Platform

This video provides an introduction to the latest release of AZ-EMAP.

LinearBench Transform (LBT)

HPMS SamplePanelStatsQCer Transformer for FME

This LBT transformer conducts sample adequacy checks on HPMS sample panels.

LinearBench Transform

LRS RouteQCer Transformer for FME

This is an LBT custom transformer that offers comprehensive quality checks on LRS routes. Watch the video to learn more.