LinearBench® Event Ninja

Built on Esri’s Roads and Highways, LB Event Ninja offers a new way to manage LRS events stored in Road & Highway by focusing on topology. The time-space diagram (TSD) not only portays relationships between among events and between events and routes but also allows user to fix errors by interacting with graphics.

  • LRS Time Machine
  • On-the-fly Topology QC
  • R&H Pathology Filters
  • Map / Diagram-driven Editing
  • Automated Spatiotemporal Event Management
  • Referent LRM Support
  • Efficiency Features:
    • Measure / Time Snapping
    • Event Seeding
    • Attribute Anchoring
    • Batch Operations
  • 2D and 3D Time-space Diagram
LinearBench Ninja Explore Mode

Explore Mode

LinearBench Ninja Update Mode

Update Mode

LinearBench Ninja Correct Mode

Correct Mode

LinearBench Ninja Batch Mode

Batch Mode


LinearBench® Event Ninja

Introducing LinearBench Event Ninja, an Esri Roads and Highways custom application designed to enhance LRS event maintenance experiences. Event Ninja features on-the-fly QC checks, graph & map-driven editing, temporal LRS and referent LRM support, and much more.

LinearBench® Event Ninja, the LRS Time Machine

Linearbench Event Ninja is a custom web application built on Esri’s Roads and Highways Server for event data maintenance and exploration. This short video highlights Event Ninja’s temporal LRS features.

LinearBench® Event Ninja, 3-D TSD and R&H Pathology Filters

This short video introduces the pathology filters for identifying some common R&H data issues.  It also demonstrates how the 3-D TSD option can help users gain insights into their LRS assets.