LinearBench® Explore (LBE)

LinearBench® Explore (LBE) presents your transportation department’s (DOT) LRS assets in a variety of visual formats synchronously. LBE offers an easy to use platform that integrates DOT’s LRS assets, HPMS included.  

  • Cloud or On-Premis Deployment
  • Straight Line Diagram
  • Time-Space Diagram
  • Layer Attribute Diagram
  • Row Aligned Diagram
  • Map and Tabular Views
  • Photo/Video Integration
  • LRS Analysis
  • HPMS data visualization and reporting

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LinearBench Explore

Screenshot of LinearBench Explore

LinearBench Explore User Interface Demo

A short introduction to the all-new LinearBench Explore 2019 for visualizing and analyzing LRS assets and events.