LinearBench® Dashboard

BI software that enables exploration and quick analysis of large amounts of diverse, transportation data from multiple sources -- without coding.

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LinearBench® Validate

A tool that allows users to validate and fix LRS event and network data in a friendly, web environment.

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LinearBench® Explore

A web-based application that enables display and visual analysis of roadway asset data in several synchronized views.

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LinearBench® Analyze

An optional module of LinearBench Explore that adds a suite of analysis capabilities to LRS-referenced data.      

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"Gistic Research over the years has volunteered their knowledge and expertise to enrich the Arizona GIS community through AGIC workshops, AZGeo data download application and special projects. At the same time, it is refreshing to see a small local company having such high level of passion and capacity in delivering quality and sustainable GIS solutions." — Curtis Pulford, Arizona State Cartographer, August, 2016

“Gistic's innovative solutions have allowed us to leverage our limited resources and existing infrastructure... Gistic goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied with the services they provide.” — Marvin Martinez, GIS Programmer, Planning & Development Department, City of Phoenix

"Gistic Research was instrumental in the success of UDOT's UPlan/UGate integration. Their team worked well with all stakeholders in the project, from management to field technician. We are very satisfied with the quality of their work, and consider the tools they developed as key components of our GIS-IT infrastructure." — Steve Quinn, Director of Engineering Technology Services , Utah Department of Transportation