Our Team has gained extensive experience and expertise in projects involving enterprise GIS system architecture, integration and development. We offer services in the following key areas:

FME Related Services

We are a partner and authorized Solution Provider for Safe Software.  The combination of our demonstrated proficiency with FME, Safe’s data transformation tool,  and our extensive transportation experience, make us qualified to offer services and products that leverage FME technology to solve LRS transportation data integration challenges.  Those services include:  data quality assessment and consultation, transformer recommendation and demonstration, custom transformer development and training. Read more…

Spatial Database Design/Development

Spatial database design imageRegardless of the tools chosen, the design and development of a spatial database is key to the success of any geospatial implementation effort because it so greatly impacts the system’s efficiency and maintainability. We have experience with spatial technologies from commercial vendors as well as the open source communities. Two projects serve as notable examples of our database work: the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)’s GIS Enterprise Implementation and the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office Parcel Information Management System (PIMS).

Spatial Data Acquisition/Conversion and QA/QC

Spatial data acquisition imageWe have experience with and knowledge of data acquisition via various technologies from DMI, GPS to LiDAR. We have built CAD-GIS interoperability solutions with high automation based on a variety of technologies for Maricopa County, the City of Phoenix and the Utah Department of Transportation. We have also developed tools to validate field-collected data and to automate the detection and correction of various data errors for parcels and LRS route systems.

Linear Referencing System (LRS) Development/Maintenance

LRS imageWe are experts in the Linear Referencing System (LRS) domain — through both research and hands-on experience — having completed projects for several transportation agencies including the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) and Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). The Temporal LRS proposed by Dr. Guo in his PhD dissertation was adopted in LRS ISO Standard 19148.

GIS Application Development (desktop, web, mobile)

GIS application development imageWe have designed and developed custom solutions for clients –- some that leveraged existing technology, while others involved the exploration and application of new technologies including those from the open source communities. As part of the UDOT GIS Enterprise Implementation project, we designed and developed a web application that enables the user to geo-locate or modify LRS-referenced assets or events through an interactive map interface.