LinearBench® Transform is a collection of custom transformers for FME® software, designed to solve data QC, reporting and integration challenges often faced when managing LRS transportation data for ARNOLD compliance.


  • Works with LRS data in all storage or schema formats
  • Hides complex workflows with a simple UI
  • Addresses all LRS QC, maintenance and reporting needs

Ohio Event QC Workspace

LinearBench Transformers Available

LRS_GeoCoderConvert LRS events (point or linear) into LRS features
LRS_RevGeoCoderConvert feature points into LRS point events
LRS_EventDensityCalculatorSummarize event statistics on LRS routes by user-defined unit length
LRS_EventJoinerJoin (overlay) two LRS events
LRS_EventMergerMerge adjacent and connected LRS events having the same attribute(s)
LRS_EventQCerConduct QC on LRS events for event inconsistencies
LRS_EventSummarizerSummarize LRS events based on a reference event layer
LRS_RouteQCerConduct QC on LRS network for route inconsistencies
LRS_RouteRefGeneratorGenerate LRS route reference table or street intersection table
LRS_RouteCalibratorCalibrate LRS routes given calibration points
LRS_RouteBuilderBuild LRS network in bulk on road centerline network
LRS_FeatureAreaOverlayerOverlay LRS features with area features
HPMS_SectionQCerConduct QC on HPMS Sections dataset based on the latest FHWA requirements
HPMS_TOPSGeneratorGenerate TOPS segments and key statistics (required sample size, etc.)
HPMS_SamplePanelStatsQCerReport on various sample adequacy issues on sample panels
HPMS_SamplePanelAttrQCerReport on sample panel attribute or data item coverage inadequacies

Short Video Series on LBT

FME Related Services Offered

  • Data integration involving FME software
  • Data quality assessment and consultation
  • Custom transformer development
  • Training


Gistic Research, Inc is a partner and authorized Solution Provider for Safe Software, developer of FME software.  The combination of our proficiency with FME software and transportation experience qualifies us to provide services and products that leverage FME to solve LRS transportation data integration challenges.

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