Gistic Research presents LinearBench® Inspect, a web-based application that enables the QC and validation of field-entered data prior to committing to a production database.

Key Features

  • A single-page web application that provides an intuitive lbi-fullUI for managing LRS-based data changes between field data collection and production
  • Supports different temporal models used to track changes
  • Supports four transaction types: Insert, Update, Delete, Discard
  • Enables QC staff to roll back transactions previously committed to the production database in the same session
  • Creates a complete audit trail with tools to visualize the audit log
  • Supports the QC of spatial and non-spatial attributes, as well as attachments
  • Includes an LRS-based mapping tool that:
    • Integrates with an agency’s LRS upon which assets are built
    • Allows users to visualize and modify an asset’s spatial attributes
    • Supports standard or popular map services
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