LinearBench® Explore was developed by integrating several, innovative technologies. The application includes multiple, synchronized tools for viewing and analyzing roadway asset data, including a straight line diagram, timeline diagram, time space diagram, map, data grid, tabular report, pie chart and photo log.

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  • The only interactive LRS visualization software that is 100% COTS
  • Fully configurable and 100% browser-based
  • Supports all data models, including Esri’s Roads and Highways      [More…]

Key Features

  • Simultaneous display of multiple assets or events, allowing for comparative visual analysis
  • Built on service oriented architecture for fast and eco-friendly enterprise integration
  • All panels and analysis tools synchronized in terms of scale , i.e. zooming in or out in graph or map dynamically changes content in all tools
  • NEW! Supports multi-level LRS such as State and County log miles
  • Supports the temporal exploration of both LRS and associated asset data
  • NEW! Supports the following multiple LRMs:
    • mile point
    • reference point/post offset
    • project stationing, and
    • control section
  • NEW! Compatible with Esri’s ArcGIS Online and Roads and Highways

Straight Line Diagram [-]

Displays multiple assets simultaneously on a route segment in a scalable and interactive graphLBE-1 LBE-2
  • NEW! Enhanced symbology to support various point and line styles
  • NEW! Multi-attribute symbology support
  • NEW! Multi-track symbology support for visualizing different pavement layers

Time Space Diagram [-]

Displays up to 2 point and/or linear assets in both distance and time dimensions simultaneously
  • Display of point-instant (e.g. crash), point-period (sign installation), linear-instant (paving) and linear-period (speed limit zone) data

Map [-]

Gives spatial context to assets by displaying location data on vector or image maps

  • NEW! Web Mercator base map support, e.g. ArcGIS Online, Google and Bing Maps
  • Ability to switch between map services
  • Ability to change map window orientation from vertical to horizontal, to align with subject route section

Photo Log [-]

Plays photo log images synchronized with user cursor movement on graph and mapLBE-4

Data Grid [-]

Displays asset data in tabular format with icon to indicate presence of related documents or images

Report [-]

Displays all assets occurring at a point of interest on the SLD in a separate windowLBE-5

NEW! Visual Aids [-]

Includes symbology legend and pie chart representation of displayed asset attribute data in separate, synchronized window

Configurable Services [-]

Gives an administrator control of what data is accessible and how it is presented through the use of LinearBench® Administrate

  • NEW! LDAP-based single sign-on authentication
  • NEW! Enhanced legend symbology customization
  • NEW! Configurable session and license management
  • NEW! Configurable service loading strategies
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LBE — User Interface Demo


LBE — Temporal Data Exploration Demo


LBE — Multiple LRS/LRM Demo