LinearBench® Collect is an OS-independent tablet application designed with LRS support in mind. It allows field operators to collect and/or update LRS-referenced roadway assets. It features the capability of disconnected computing as well as in-field photo taking and viewing.


Key Features:

  • Supports different tablet operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Specifically designed to support LRS-based asset data field collection and update by providing the ability to:Query by route measurements
    • Position objects by route measures
    • Convert GPS to route measures on-the-fly
    • Snap point or linear events on routes
  • Consumes OGC and ESRI map services
  • Features modern UI to maximize in-field user experience
  • Supports field viewing of documents
  • Supports field photo-taking
  • Uses GPS for location data collection and verification
  • Supports disconnected sessions




























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