LinearBench® Administrate is a web-based application used by an administrator to manage LRS network and data content, as well as control user access. It breathes life into the LinearBench® product suite, and is the reason we can claim that LinearBench® products are database/data model-independent, COTS solutions.


  • Browser-based application designed to manage all LinearBench® products
  • Supports all data models, including Esri’s Roads and Highways
  • Included in the cost of any LinearBench® product

Key Features

  • Completely re-vamped with Angular JS MVC framework
  • Modern, intuitive, responsive UI


Configures LRS enterprise as services that are “pushed” for other LinearBench® products to consume

Examples of configurable items:

  • User access control
  • Database connections
  • Map service definition
  • LRS and LRM definition
  • Data layer definition
  • Stick map appearance
  • Symbology and legend definition
  • Photolog and LiDAR access
  • User-defined QC rule definition
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