LinearBench® is our suite of software tools designed for visualization, acquisition, validation, maintenance and analysis of LRS-referenced roadway asset data, as well as maintenance and quality-control of LRS route systems.

The LinearBench® Suite is designed to make use of an agency’s existing infrastructure; the tools use web services and integrate seamlessly. Click the image to zoom in.

LinearBench® Dashboard

A web-based application that addresses the growing demand for transportation-specific data visualization and BI (Business Intelligence) tools.
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LinearBench® Transform


A collection of custom transformers for FME® software designed to solve data QC, reporting, and integration challenges when managing LRS transportation data for ARNOLD compliance.
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LinearBench® Validate


A web-based application that makes comprehensive LRS data quality assurance efforts easy and efficient.  LBV not only identifies various types of LRS event issues, but also allows users to visualize and fix the issues using tools such as map, SLD and text form. 
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LinearBench® Explore

LBElogo-MA web-based application that enables the display and visual analysis of multiple LRS layers, representing roadway assets or events, in several tools simultaneously: SLD (straight line diagram), map, data grid, tabular report, pie chart etc.  Optional visualization modules include TSD (time space diagram), LAD (layer attribute diagram) & Photolog, etc.
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LinearBench® Analyze

LBZlogo-MAn optional add-on to LinearBench® Explore that features a collection of data analysis functions designed specifically for LRS asset data processing.
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LinearBench® Collect

LBCflogo-MAn OS-independent tablet application that supports the collection and update of LRS-referenced roadway assets in the field.
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LinearBench® Inspect

LBIlogo-MA web-based application that enables the QC and validation of field-entered data prior to committing to a production database.
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LinearBench® Build

LBBlogo-MAn application that allows the building, maintenance and QA/QC of LRS route systems for a transportation network.
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LinearBench® Administrate

LBAlogo-MThis module is used in conjunction with all applications in the LinearBench® suite.
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LinearBench® Log


A web-based application that centralizes the logging of events such as security access, alerts, errors and module usage for LinearBench administrators.
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LinearBench® Print

LBP-LogoFull-612An optional module that enables the printing of data in LinearBench® Explore sessions in Excel or PDF format.
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