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New from Gistic Research, LinearBench Transform (LBT) is a collection of custom transformers for FME® software. LBT was developed specifically for LRS and GIS-T professionals by helping to <em>easily</em> maintain quality LRS systems, generate LRS reports and conduct LRS data analyses.

LBT does the heavy lifting while hiding the complex workflows. This allows the professional to focus on getting results and fixing issues.

As an example, the following workflow demonstrated the use of LRS_EventQCer to identify three types of issues existed in Ohio DOT’s AADT events: Domain, Gap and Overlap.

Ohio Event QC Workspace

Partial result is shown in figure below.  Some Domain and Gap violations were found.  A cursory check suggested that the majority of the Domain violations was related to the difference in the measure precision between AADT events and the Route system.  However, some significantly-long stretches of routes without AADT deserved the attention.

Ohio Event QC Results

For more details, please check out Gistic’s website on LBT or contact us today!

Bo Guo, PhD, PE

At Gistic Research, Bo leads a team in LinearBench product design and development. He is a passionate LRS researcher and practitioner who believes that LRS challenges can be solved through technology design and integration.

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