LinearBench® Explore Configured for ADOT’s Roads & Highways

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Oct 17, 2014

Home-7-feature-exploreSince its commercial launch as a key feature of UDOT’s UPlan/UGate, LinearBench® Explore has demonstrated its adaptability by being successfully configured to support the data sets of 5 additional agencies:

  • For the Kansas DOT, to support its need for a multi-level LRS/LRM and multi-layer straight line diagram
  • For Maricopa and Pima Counties, to support their cross street references LRM and temporal data exploration
  • For the Central Arizona Project, LinearBench® Analyze – an optional module of LBE – was enhanced to support the dynamic overlaying of multiple layers, with the option to generate a weighted score for evaluating maintenance requirements of various canal sections
  • And now for ADOT, to support the nation’s first production implementation of Esri’s Roads & Highways!
LinearBench® Explore v3.0 is a 100% COTS, web-based solution that can be configured to any LRS data set or model including Esri’s Roads & Highways.  You can read more about the new features and advantages of LinearBench® Explore v3.0 here.

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