Geospatial Integration Validation and Editing (GIVE) is designed for statewide collaboration in geospatial data maintenance. GIVE employs common standards and requirements while not taking away from the data structure or work flows of member agencies.

GIVE 2.0

  • AZGIV: State of Arizona Implementation
  • Cloud or On-premis Deployment
  • NENA/State Standards
  • Schema Validation
  • Feature Attribute Validation
  • Feature Topology Validation
  • ArcGIS Integration
  • Exception List
  • Friendly and Modern User Experiences

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Live Open GIVing Sessions

This bi-weekly virtual venue on Google Meet aims to connect the GIS community in Arizona and beyond to share anything relating to the implementation of AZGIV for geospatial data standardization and integration.  

Screenshot of AZGIV web UI

AZGIV – an NG911 Readiness Platform

AZGIV, or Arizona Geospatial Intake and Validation system, provides a user-friendly platform for local NextGen 911 authorities to meet the NENA and Arizona data quality and integration requirements.

AZGIV Quality Assurance

Showcasing AZGIV’s systematic continuous improvement process of NG911 data on a cloud platform.

AZGIV Plugin for ArcGIS Desktop

A collection of five short video clips showing a user how to do AZGIV inside the ArcGIS Desktop environment.

AZGIV: Integrator-Agency Workflow

AZGIV allows integrators, such as contractors, to process data for NextGen 911 authorities.

AZGIV: Multi-level Agency Collaboration

AZGIV allows multiple agency levels to manage and process NextGen 911 data.

AZ-EMAP: Address Collaboration Platform

Introduction of the latest release of AZ-EMAP.

AZGIV: Resetting Your Password and Inviting Users

This video demonstrates how to reset a password in AZGIV, and how an agency administrator may invite users to join the orginization.