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Apr 29, 2013

Bo Guo, PE, PhD, President of Gistic Research, will be participating in the following
presentations at the 2013 GIS-T Symposium on May 5-8, 2013 in Boise, Idaho:

Wednesday, May 8, 8:30 am
Session 6.3.3 – Free LRS from GIS with LRS Data Framework

Wednesday, May 8, 10:30 am
Session 7.4.1 – GIS/IT Integration – UDOT Experience (co-presenting with Frank Pisani, GIS
Manager from Utah Department of Transportation)

Bo will also join Mr. Dave Burton, Director of ITD at the State of Utah, to present:

Tuesday, May 7, 1:30 pm
ASIS Session 4 – UGate – Utah’s One-Stop Shop Portal

Bo Guo, PhD, PE

At Gistic Research, Bo leads a team in LinearBench product design and development. He is a passionate LRS researcher and practitioner who believes that LRS challenges can be solved through technology design and integration.

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