LinearBench® Validate is a web-based application designed to make comprehensive LRS data quality assurance efforts easy and efficient.



  • First web-based, COTS software for comprehensive LRS quality assurance
  • Features a modern UI that integrates an SLD, map and data grid to enhance user insight into the data
  • Features rule-based validation and correction of LRS event data
  • Enables the validation and correction of LRS network geometry and topology
  • 100% Pure LRS™

Key Features

  • QC problem detection
    • For event data, the following rules are applied to detect errors:
      • Domain
      • Overlap
      • Gap
      • User-defined
    • For LRS networks, errors are detected by applying these rules, among others:
      • Topology
      • LRS
      • “Common-sense”
      • Performance
      • User-defined
    • Descriptions of all rules can be found in Gistic’s blog post,  LRS QC (Quality Control): What Are We Looking For?
  • QC problem detection
    • The SLD, map and data grid are synchronized to help visualize the nature and location of errors.
  • QC problem correction
    • Errors can be corrected  by interacting with data in the SLD, on the map and in the data grid!