LinearBench® Dashboard (LBD) was developed in response to the growing demand for transportation-specific data visualization and BI tools. Powered by Sisense technology, LBD enables transportation professionals to gain deep insight into vast and diverse data quickly, without coding.

The Gistic-Sisense partnership combines Gistic’s LRS expertise with Sisense’s impressive dashboard and powerful analytics. The result is a BI platform optimized with custom LRS widgets that meets the data visualization needs of the transportation industry.

Visit our demo site to test drive LinearBench Dashboard:


  • Built on the robust Single-Stack™ BI platform from Sisense Inc, a Gistic partner  
  • Handles any transportation data type, including GIS and LRS
  • Empowers business users to “self-serve” – exploring data requires no technical knowledge or expertise
  • Connects to a variety of data sources, e.g. RDBMS, csv, Excel, R Server, Hadoop, etc
  • Fast, flexible, scalable
  • 100% Pure LRS™


Mile Log widget presents speed limit data in LRS format, familiar to transportation professionals.  

LRS widget presents the same LRS data on-the-fly and on any base map, including customer’s own.

Pivot table dynamically shows the summary of speed limit LRS data in its raw form.  


Copy of LBD screenshot_Selection_104

Calendar heat map and funnel widget allow users to explore project expenses and remaining budget on any work category in a given year.


Copy of LBD screenshot_Selection_105

Gauge, columnar chart and donut chart allow users to explore traffic safety statistics for different years and different functional classifications.

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